Critical And Creative Thinking Activities

Critical And Creative Thinking Activities-69
It’s important to know the difference so you engage in activities that improve all types of thinking in your child.

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Teaching students how to mindmap an idea as a group meets all of these requirements.

Using a large sheet of paper, ask students to work in groups to brainstorm about a topic area.

It is also known as convergent thinking, where you take a multitude of data and information and make a final choice from that information.

Some activities build creative thinking; others develop critical thinking; and still others develop both at the same time.

Using innovative teaching methods across the curriculum helps students develop critical and creative thinking skills.

Stimulating the individual to think independently and make innovative connections provides a foundation for advanced academic work.Combining critical thinking and creativity when learning new curriculum prompts the questioning process and deepens subject retention.A traditional classroom encourages conformity to structure.In the right-hand menu you will find several STEM-based challenge cards with ideas to test your students’ creative thinking and problem solving skills.It is recommended that these be printed and laminated. You will also find extra lesson ideas to extend the challenge card activities.It won’t mean they’ll never have a lapse in judgement, but it will lay a strong foundation for deep understanding of concepts and innovative problem-solving!Terra Tarango is a mom as well as an accomplished executive in the education industry with more than 15 years of experience in educational publishing and services.Split students into teams and ask them to debate the topic.This process promotes critical thinking and encourages application of varied opinions.Finally, use a game show format similar to Family Feud to engage students in a team-based competition.Base the questions on class topics and have teams of students serve as contestants.


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