Critical Analytical Essay

Writing a critical analysis essay will help you hone these skills.Instead of looking at this as just another assignment to trudge through, look at it as a chance to channel your inner critic.

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In casual conversation, we often associate the word "critical" with a negative perspective.

However, in the context of a critical essay, the word "critical" simply means discerning and analytical.

Think about what you want to accomplish with your essay, and state it clearly.

Because this is a critical analysis essay and, therefore, covers a pretty broad topic range, it’s okay to have a fairly lengthy thesis statement.

Take a lesson from Katniss—success and true greatness don’t come from distractions. In her case, it was freeing the people of Panem from tyranny.

Critical Analytical Essay Jeanne Payne'S Doctoral Dissertation

In your case, it’s writing a good critical analysis essay.

For my thesis statement, I might write something like this: In The Hunger Games series, author Suzanne Collins effectively demonstrates the dangers of modern issues of war, inequality, and violence.

She uses President Snow and The Capitol as gross exaggerations of the worst habits in US society: vanity, greed, conformity, and lack of empathy.

However, despite their diverse subject matter, all critical essays share the following characteristics.

Do you take everything you see or read at face value, or do you think about it on a deeper level?


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