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(Note however that if you complete a whole bunch of modules at once, this may be delayed as our Team are real people, not robots!

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It makes them realize that other kids are publishing in magazines, which makes them feel like writing is something alive and vibrant, not something dead on a page.

A place is one of the most important things to a writer.

As well as a video from Allison, each module will include practical exercises and a story challenge, with a larger story challenge at the end.

The course is hosted in an enclosed online learning space, with no interaction from strangers, so it's completely safe – and lots of fun!

On completion of their quest, young writers will have a story of up to 800 words that they are able to submit to bestselling, internationally published children’s author (and presenter of this course), A. Participants will end up with a full gamut of writing tools and techniques at their fingertips – as well as one complete, polished story. We’ve given 9-14 as a fairly wide range, but if you think your child is at this level, then go for it. At the end of each module, Allison gives participants a story challenge – to help them flex their newfound skills.

With this collection of ingredients, they will have the steps and the skills to be able to continue to create stories and write with more structure and impact in both their school work and personal endeavours. These are helpful exercises which will make learning faster and more fun.This Creative Writing Quest guides young writers through the basics of creative writing to end up with a polished story of around 800 words.Along the way, they’ll learn the processes that go into creating a story and complete a series of creative challenges that will build their knowledge of story craft.I myself only write in two places: at my desk or at the coffeeshop.Place is a trigger that tells my brain it’s time to write, and if you set aside a special place for your child, it will encourage them to write more regularly.However, the course has been designed so that Allison provides personalised feedback on the completed story at the end – and that's pretty cool! You're responsible for when your child has access to the course.How much time should I set aside for my child to complete each module? Of course, your child may take more or less time depending on their level of enthusiasm – one thing we know about young writers is that once they start, it can be difficult to stop them. Children simply view a module with video and reading materials from course creator Allison Tait. Does my child need to log in at a set time each week? We all lead busy lives, so you can complete the course at your own pace.A great one is called 826 National, set up by Dave Eggers.The stores are themed wildly, with pirate or astronaut gear, and they have regular creative writing lessons taught for accomplished writers (I know a lot of creative writing graduate students getting their MFAs and Ph. Let me tell you what will happen: they will addicted to the praise and seek that rather than the reward of creative work. The point is that I read until my eyes went blurry. One of the best things that ever happened to me was that my father was my teacher in 5th grade.They will also be disappointed by general praise because it seems like you didn’t read their story at all, and you’re praising them as a person rather than the work itself. Someone you know must write for magazines or newspapers or be a fiction writer or write a regular blog. I only took breaks to go to the bathroom and to eat. He was an elementary school teacher, and for one of his activities, he had the entire class write fiction stories.Have your child draw up a list of questions and interview this writer. Then he self-published them all in a hardback book. Ask your kids teacher whether a day can be designated when students can read their stories out loud in front of their class.


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