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It was nice to share and collaborate, and boost each other’s work.

It was nice to share and collaborate, and boost each other’s work.

To start with it was just to get me off the street for a few hours.

I’ve been in my own flat for three years now, but I’m still coming to classes.

Short courses suitable for all those with an interest in creative writing and/or a wish to express themselves.

These sessions aim to help inspire you whether you are a beginner or advanced.

Studying creative and professional writing will help you develop this broad range of skills, from scriptwriting to fiction, from narrative non-fiction to copywriting. BA(Hons) Creative and Professional Writing is industry-facing and connected, giving you opportunities to work with publishers and agents, as well as the Bristol Cultural Development Partnership, Watershed, Poetry Can, Spike Island, the Arnolfini and Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives.

Our staff will help you develop the technical skills, critical awareness and creative daring you'll need to succeed as a writer across a range of genres.You tell someone how wonderful their piece of work is, and see how happy they are.And you think, I did that, I made someone feel good.I used to come to the Recovery College just for the music classes. Normally it takes a long time to get to know someone.I saw the creative writing class working in the garden one day in summer, and I thought, why not give it a shot? I’m quite an emotional sort of person, and I find writing is good for self-expression. But in the class, people write about themselves, and they write about intimate things. I put my writing and drawings in the booklet which I never thought I’d do, ever! It’s way down the line, but I’ve been volunteering at some of the art classes here for experience. You have your bad days, they are here, your good days, they are here.I like the writing class because you can say what’s in your head.Out there, I talk about my children a lot, and some people in my life tell me I talk about them too much. It’s nice to come here and figure out what you like. When my work was published in the booklet, I was really chuffed. The group worked together to edit it and decide where the stories and pictures would go.Instead, the Recovery College provides a supportive educational environment in which people have the opportunity to sample a wide range of subjects and wellbeing activities alongside a diverse group of peer learners.Our Recovery College in Bristol runs a range of arts and music classes, offering our clients a safe space to be creative.In addition to improving self-esteem and wellbeing, creative writing can also improve clients’ interpersonal skills and confidence, helping people to find employment or further study opportunities in the future.The weekly class receives a steady turnout of clients, each with their own stories to tell, in their own unique way.


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