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She is not part of his plan and is, by comparison, undeniably kind and faultless.

She is not part of his plan and is, by comparison, undeniably kind and faultless.This development is crucial as Raskolnikov is driven to deeper madness by guilt.Tolkien further develops the ‘power corrupts’ theme in the fate of the One Ring.

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This could be, for example, a general idea or theory, such as ‘all people are inherently selfish’ (although a pessimistic one). A reviewer might say an author examines themes of ‘crime and punishment’.

The events of the story in question might make us ask, ‘Why do criminals break the law?

He has rationalized one killing to himself, but the presence of the sister does not fit even the circumstantial morality he’s created for himself.

Throughout the story, Dostoevsky introduces other characters and situations besides the events that unfold around the killing. For example, Rodion meets a drunk, then later the man’s desperate, impoverished family.

The title of the Russian author Fyodor Dostoevksy’s tells us its primary themes.

The main character Rodion Raskolnikov is a poor university student who kills a stingy pawnbroker.

He sustains his thematic focus by showing how the ring’s power tests and tempts his characters.

Through these multiple instances of betrayal and temptation, we understand that giving in to the darker temptations of power comes at a price.

In , for example, the theme ‘power corrupts’ isn’t only shown through the tyranny of the main villain, Sauron.

Tolkien also shows this theme in the fall from grace of Gollum, who kills to gain possession of the One Ring.


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