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The 321 Response goes as follows: PORTFOLIOS My engagement with your work in this class will be via two portfolios: a mid-term portfolio of drafts and a final portfolio of finished work.Mid-term Portfolio The mid term portfolio is due on Thursday after the seventh week of class.

Introduction to Creative Writing English 227 Section 4 Performing a Practice / Practicing Performance Instructor: Steve Halle Office: Stevenson 201 J Email: [email protected](best contact method) Office Hours: T/R: -, W: 4-5 and by appointment.

Virtual office hours on Facebook (Steve Halle) Fridays and by appointment.

321 RESPONSES A 321 Response is a “micro-paper” concept I have devised to make it easier to respond to readings, discussions, workshops, activities, etc. As a micro-paper, these responses should be about 300 words.

Since the responses are blog writing, focus on dividing the response into short paragraphs that are easily readable in the blog interface.

In addition to this, you will develop other valuable skills contemporary writers use to turn the habit of writing into a professional practice including generating new work, critical reading and written response, blogging/online presence, performing work on the page and aloud, submitting work for publication, and sharing critical responses to texts.

REQUIRED ITEMS A note on texts: Texts chosen for this class are hybrid texts that tend to blur borders between genres and defy classifications.As the semester progresses, our writing assignments will shift to focus on adding to, subtracting from, refining, “translating,” rearranging, and sequencing our existing work.BLOG Many writers today keep blogs as a means of social networking and critical engagement with the contemporary community of creative writers.Phone: 309-438-3727 Blog: COURSE DESCRIPTION AND GOALS In this course, you will learn various skills and techniques creative writers use to develop a sustainable practice of writing in the contemporary field.As a community, we will learn a great deal about each other by writing across various modes of art-in-language and describing how our writing works and what it does through various methods centering on close examination of language.This is to foster an attitude of practicing writing and not worrying too much about producing a certain kind of product from that practice.As a teacher, I have not studied any of the texts we are examining beforehand, so we can have an authentic readerly experience without my seeming to be the “expert” on a text.In the second meeting, we will discuss the collection and/or journal you chose to read. 20-30 minutes, and the meeting discussing your work should be early in the semester, within the first five weeks.FULL-CLASS WORKSHOP Everyone in class is required to have their work discussed by the class at least two times or more, time permitting. The week before you are to workshop, you will be required to bring a copy of your work for each person in the class.I will respond to your text in letter form, attempting to describe what the text is doing and situating it among other contemporary writing.Please also include the journal you did your longhand composing in (it should be about full).


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