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Although it was not technically my job to teach writing, I still assigned writing activities as a form of checking students’ reading comprehension.This most often took the form of journal responses to prompts about sections of the books we were reading, and it was this school year that I figured out a faster way to grade student writing. I started adding these quick-score rubrics to the bottom of the page when I created my journal prompt assignments so that students could see the criteria on which they’d be graded and so that I could quickly grade the journal responses with a guideline that was already printed right there on the bottom of the page.Of course, when you’re doing more of a summative assessment of their writing abilities, you’ll want a more fleshed out, standards-aligned rubric for that.

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There are a couple of different ways you can get these onto your writing assignments.

One way is to print the rubrics out, cut them into strips, and then give them to students to staple to their papers when they’re turning them in to you.

Click here to download these FREE quick-score writing rubrics for secondary classrooms (grades 6-12)!

You’ll thank yourself later when you’re able to grade student writing quickly!

You saw the bright red mark at the top of your paper and knew that you nailed that task.

If it was a task such as a test with multiple choice answers, it was easy to see what questions you might have missed and how many points were deducted from your overall score.The Midwest Torrance Center for Creativity subscribes to the view of E.Paul Torrance that creativity is the “highest form of mental functioning.” Fondly called the “Father of creativity,” he opened the eyes of students, colleagues, and friends to the scope of creative thinking and application, and became a significant pioneer in education worldwide.When I was still teaching, I had to teach writing every single year. In my first year of teaching, I taught 6th grade ELA. However, each year that I was in the classroom, that’s what I found myself doing many times throughout the school year.Each rubric has five categories on which you can grade, and then there’s a final column for you to write the score.The bottom row of the rubric is left entirely blank so that you can grade out of however many points you need to grade – out of five, out of 10, or whatever.Of course, some are pretty strictly for use in ELA, but other types – argumentative writing, for example – could easily be used in social studies or science.So, even if you don’t teach writing but you have to assign writing activities, these rubrics can still save you time and energy!The Awards began in 2008 with creative writing (poems and short stories).Visual Arts, Music Composition, and Inventions soon followed, with original work submitted by enthusiastic participants age 8-18 from all over the United States and other countries.


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