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Join Creative Writing Pedagogy on Facebook, founded and moderated by Anna Leahy and Stephanie Vanderslice. Anna is one of the world’s leading experts on creative writing pedagogy.In February 2018, I ran a workshop alongside Jo Goldsmid – we travelled to Brighton on a cold winter afternoon to experience the starling murmuration with a mindful approach, and then retired to the back room of a pub to write about it.Let creativity have its mystery, but take the mystery out of teaching creative writing. and join a new conversation on creative writing’s fundamental importance to English studies.

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Usually these are the assignments with various topics mostly concerning issues and questions from a perspective of modern society, innovative educational methods and approaches.

The process of creativity is shrouded in mystery and lore, but that doesn’t mean that the teaching of creative writing has to remain in the dark. shines a bright light on creative writing pedagogy, with a special focus on that hallmark of fiction and poetry classes everywhere – the workshop – in order to discover what works, what doesn’t, and what is purely apocryphal. offers a critical look at the pedagogical lore of creative writing that has been, up until now, accepted unquestioningly.

Fifteen experienced teachers and researchers analyze long-accepted elements and theories of teaching creative writing, such as: * workshop practices * the canon of creative-writing craft books * the criteria for grading (including the myth of the easy A) * ways to use the mythologized presence of the writer in film.

Nurturing these connections is essential to creating more respectful and sustainable ways of living on our planet, and creative writing is a powerful way to do this – and it’s also essential to a more just society.

This is from the conclusion to my essay: “I believe that the key to changing the way we relate to the land is to transform our sense of belonging, and that a liberating creative writing pedagogy is one powerful way to do this.


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