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They are not committing to any one story, they are just getting their juices flowing.

Students will spend time in class working on the chart.

Have you been wanting to jazz up your class’ writing activities? Try out these creative writing prompts in the form of pictures.

Each picture is accompanied by a graphic organizer that will be a great compliment to it.

In the past I’ve used stories such as “Contents of the Dead Man’s Pockets” and “Scout’s Honor,” but find some that work for you.

Because I don’t work in a traditional classroom setting (or with any sort of curriculum), I find myself piecing together bits and pieces of lessons from other people, including this gem that I found from about how to outline a short story in seven steps.For your reference, the basic steps are: What I really loved is how this post took three different possible storylines and then followed all three through each step of the short story writing process until the end.For example, a seemingly mundane story problem (The garden isn’t pollinated), gains traction and makes the reader care about the problem (the garden produces a plant that provides a life-saving medicine – if it doesn’t get pollinated, people close to the child will die! **Note – you will want to preview the entire blog post and modify as necessary for your group since the original post was intended for an adult writer.They will fill in the following graphic organizer, which is what they will use to write their rough drafts.They may make some modifications from their original story idea. Having your students spend a lot of time on the pre-writing process of writing a short story will definitely pay off when they go to write their actual short story.Besides, their peers will be closely involved with their stories through the peer editing process.Have your students decide on which story they want to write.I passed out the first graphic organizer and encouraged my students to spend time thinking of three possible stories.Really encourage your students to STRETCH themselves at this point.The process is really to just help the students make sure that their storylines make sense.Some students may say that they don’t want to say their endings out loud – DON’T LET THEM GET AWAY WITHOUT REVEALING THEIR ENDINGS!


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