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ENGL 20002 Introduction to Poetry Writing Maxime Berclaz​​​​​​​ TR - Section 04 - Seniors Section 05 - Unallocated Section 06 - Freshmen This course will focus on techniques for both reading and writing poetry.We will look at an equal range of contemporary, avant-garde, and historical poets in order to grasp the incredible variation possible within the universal of poetic language, and to find inspiration for how you can begin to experiment with your own contribution to that variation.ENGL 20000 Introduction to Creative Writing Jahan Khajavipour MW - Section 01 - Seniors Section 02 - Unallocated Section 03 - Freshmen This lively class introduces you to the writing of fiction, poetry and other genres.

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ENGL 20001 Introduction to Fiction Writing Natasha Ali MW - Section 07 - Seniors Section 08 - Unallocated Section 09 - Freshmen This section of Introduction to Fiction Writing caters to students who love to read, wish to write, and yearn to engage with literature, both published and in-progress.

Concentrating on the question of what makes successful narrative - whether we are constructing fantasy worlds or relating our own lived experiences - this course will see us read, study, and write a variety of different works.

We will cover the basics of craft and form, consider a few different theoretical attitudes to poetry, and see how outside sources such as Italian horror films and weird fiction can provide poetic material.

By the end of the course you will have completed a portfolio that has been reviewed by your peers and edited by you.

Students will be given the tools and the space to craft short stories, novel excerpts, and pieces of narrative nonfiction.

We will think about what makes a work of fiction strong enough to get banned by governments yet keep thriving through decades.

ENGL 30851 Poetry Writing Orlando Menes MW - In this class, we are going to write poetry, think about poetry and talk about poetry from a number of different perspectives.

We're going to read modern, contemporary and not-so-contemporary poetry, as well as works that move across genres (prose poetry, poetic films), media (print, photography, the Internet, the desert of the real), and languages and cultures. In addition to weekly writing exercises, we will engage in three longer projects allowing the students to develop and work on their own particular lines of aesthetic inquiry.

Students will also sharpen their critical vocabulary as they analyze assigned readings, critique peer work, and receive critiques of their poems from both peers and instructor.

Specific readings, activities and assignments will differ from section to section.


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