Creative Writing As Therapy

Writing poetry brings together creativity and self-expression.The metaphorical and/or philosophical approach can be therapeutic.

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He asked me, even more angrily, why I hadn’t asked him for the reasons for his “writer’s block,” the reason he couldn’t write well. He told me about a writing competition he had won when he was twelve.

I said that I was sure he already knew the reason, and that he’d probably already thought through it a thousand times to no avail. I invited him to close his eyes, to remember that experience, and to see how it felt in his body.

Where in his body was that physical sense of block? At this point he started telling me again about his fears of not matching up to his father’s success.

I told him not to think, but to just stay with his bodily experience. I then got him to move his attention back and forth between his stomach and his hand, touching into the block, and then back again to a place of relaxation. The psychotherapist Peter Levine has a saying: ‘The body knows.” This is what I told him. From then, my work with Jed, which lasted six sessions, became about helping him to find his own voice rather than meeting his father’s expectations or trying to follow in his footsteps.

There are many writing therapy approaches to choose from, whatever the mood may strike you, and according to which will suit your needs at a given time.

Writing therapy is portable, accessible, and affordable. The following infographic by The Expert Editor will show you some writing therapy methods. Journals & Poems Gratitude journaling is a method of writing where a person writes down what they are most grateful for.Participants have reported an improved subjective well being, better sleep, and better motivation, all through the invocation of gratitude.The Secret Life of Pronouns: What our Words Say About Us James Pennebaker 4.The Self on the Page Celia Hunt and Fiona Sampson 6.Science has shown that writing down your thoughts and feelings can be therapeutic, both mentally and physically.Writing therapy can help you self-reflect and deal with negative emotions and experiences.The following selection of healing writing books are written by experts in the field of therapeutic writing. Opening Up by Writing it Down: How Expressive Writing Improves Health and Eases Emotional Pain James Pennebaker and Joshua Smyth 2.Expressive Writing: Words that Heal James Pennebaker and John Evans 3.He told me he felt a warmth, a relaxation spreading from his chest out through his limbs.Next, I asked him to think about a time when he sat down to write but felt blocked.


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