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Namelix is a handy website that gives you business name and logo ideas.

You enter a keyword or multiple keywords, and Namelix will use similar words to generate a list of ideas. In the example above, I chose to search for business name ideas related to “jewelry,” “gems,” “stones,” and “diamonds.” If you were to start a jewelry company, this would be a great starting point to choose a name and purchase a done-for-you logo.

Think of those real places that inspire your off-world setting, and then think of the real people that make those places their home.

Research those places to get a feel of what your fictional culture could be.

Shopify’s business name generator is a free tool that automagically combines a topic or keyword with other words and modifiers to generate a list of potential business names.

It's the perfect tool if you're looking for a little bit of creative inspiration.

Funnily enough, I have found that the name Andre shows up under themes like , which of course I am… Your setting can inspire names for your characters. Are they part of your fictional characters’ culture?

To use this, however, you have to have a name in mind.

Oberlo’s business name generator is a free resource you can use to find the perfect name for your project or business.

Enter a word that you want to include in your business name, and the tool will spit out a list of variations to browse.


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