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This example is unique, because it isn’t all simply illustrated type.

This example is unique, because it isn’t all simply illustrated type.

This invitation poster takes hand-lettering over the top.

It looks incredibly vintage and old-timey, and that’s not only because of the color palette, but because each element has been drawn by hand.

This hand-lettered creation is very simple, but very beautiful.

It isn’t overwhelmed with color, and there is just the right amount of ornamentation.

There are several styles, including Western, Eastern Asian, Southern Asian, and Islamic.

All calligraphy uses the same basic principals to create beautiful lettering.This makes the letters pop and look more three-dimensional, versus strictly 2-d had the shadows not been included.Hand-lettering can merge with infographics in a fairly seamless way, as it does in this poster.This merges the elements together and adds in depth.The contrast between the white of the lettering and the red and green of the vegetation is fresh, and the softness of the letters works well with the femininity of the flowers.This hand-lettered phrase sits comfortably inside an illustration of a heart.The illustration is portrayed quite literally, as you can see different characteristics of Dublin written and drawn in different areas of the heart.Elaborate and intricate wisps connect the scripty letters to one another in this piece.This acts to unify everything into a singular, unified composition.Calligraphy is writing with a single pass to create written art, hand-lettering is a composition created with drawn letters, and typography uses prefabricated and designed letters.Essentially, hand-lettering is the illustration of letters that come together to create a single, unified piece.


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