Creative Approaches To Problem Solving

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I strongly believe in not being afraid to try new techniques to address any type of challenge, knowing that it can help both the company and my own experience.” It’s still better if you have a bit more of an answer to this question, rather than using a “what if” scenario, because employers do like to see that you’re more than just words.

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From The CPS Process and Learner's Model by the Creative Education Foundation, based on the work of Alex Osborn and Sid Parnes. Start by identifying resources and actions that will allow you to implement your chosen solution.

Next, communicate your plan and make sure that everyone involved understands and accepts it.

Often, we use a combination of the two to develop new ideas or solutions. Next, consider how you can strengthen them and determine which ones are the best "fit." Our articles, Critical Thinking, are useful here.

However, using them simultaneously can result in unbalanced or biased decisions, and can stifle idea generation. Once you've chosen the best solution, it's time to develop a plan of action.

Have you ever faced a problem that you thought was insurmountable?

Perhaps your boss has asked you to reduce spending in your department, but you can't see where to make cuts without sacrificing quality.

Imagine that you're vacuuming your house in a hurry because you've got friends coming over.

Frustratingly, you're working hard but you're not getting very far. Coughing, you empty it and wonder why vacuum cleaners with bags still exist!

If you don’t have any good examples, consider describing your mindset approaching all work, and what you would do if you had to find a solution to an uncommon challenge.“At my last position, I don’t recall having to come up with too many creative solutions.

We worked primarily with pre-set queries, and while there was some degree of creativity when it came to interpreting the data during analysis, I don’t know if a single solution stands out as especially creative.


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