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Thus far, the research findings are very enlightening, especially in terms of the susceptibility of adults.As suspected, the research confirmed that young children and adolescents are highly inclined to adopt and repeat the behaviors seen on television.

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The supervised experience offered by this postdoctoral opportunity will allow me to work with families struggling to adjust and cope with the mental illness of a family member.

I am positive a postdoctoral position with you will allow me to gain invaluable clinical experience.

Sample This postdoc application letter sample is written by a graduate student who will soon be earning her doctorate degree.

She details her academic, research and work experience in the letter. I plan to graduate in May 2013 with a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology.

I am confident that a postdoc position on your team would provide me with the clinical experience I need to advance my career to the next level.

My career goal is to work with children and adolescents who demonstrate or are at risk for addictive or antisocial behaviors. Lee’s lab focuses on the role of television programming in promoting addictive and antisocial behaviors.Please feel free to contact me on my cell phone at (555)-555-5555 to arrange an interview. I will be attending your seminar on Changing Family Dynamics in Austin, Texas on June 25, 2013. These include things like: This list obviously isn't exhaustible and will vary depending on what you're applying for; however, they're a good benchmark for what should be included in a letter of motivation.Below are sample academic cover letters for three purposes: applying for a research role, for a teaching role, and for a fellowship.I have found bringing together researchers from different fields to be particularly beneficial, and my interdisciplinary background has provided me with effective communication skills across a diverse range of groups.I am keen to continue collaborating with researchers from other disciplines in order to better understand complex issues.For more information on this, check out our Sample Motivation Letter for Your Ph D Application Insight.Included are some tips on what to include in - you guessed it - your Ph D application, but these are often applicable across a range of motivation letters.If you prefer, I will be happy to meet with you for an interview before or after the seminar. When applying for a academic position as a researcher, lecturer or for a fellowship, a cover letter is usually required to accompany your CV.


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