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A new copyright exception was introduced in 2014 which enabled UK researchers to copy a work in order to analyse it using text and data mining technologies.The exception applies where the analysis is for the purpose of non-commercial research.

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Please contact our Scholarly Communications service with the details of the paper/s you’d like to share and they will check the publisher’s self-archiving policies on your behalf.

Copyright is an important consideration when publishing your thesis.

This means that where a user has lawful access to a work (eg an e-journal or database subscription) they can make a copy of it for the purpose of carrying out a computational analysis of anything recorded in the work.

The exception only applies under the following conditions: Copyright is infringed if the copy made is transferred to another person, or it is used for purposes different than those permitted by law (although the researcher could ask the owner for permission to do either of these things).

This includes text, images, sound and video recordings.

The amount is limited by fair dealing and must be sufficiently acknowledged/attributed.You should ensure you have permission to use any third party materials if they are in copyright.Many conference presentations are recorded and shared online making any breaches of copyright a higher risk.Text Data Mining (TDM) refers to the process of deriving high-quality information from text.High-quality information is typically derived through the devising of patterns and trends through means such as statistical pattern learning.Creative Commons contains several copyright licences, which allow creators to control how their work is used and which copyright rights they wish to reserve and which they are willing to waive.Information regarding the different licences is available on the CC Website. Copyright guidance concerning the incorporation of other people’s work into your research still applies.You may choose to add a copyright symbol (©) to your work, but there is no specific need to do so. If you know who to contact to request permission, you can adapt this permission request form to suit your needs.Contact us if you need any advice on seeking permission. Researchers and students are allowed to copy limited extracts of works for non-commercial research and private study.Although in most cases you own the intellectual property (IP) in your thesis, it may also contain third-party copyright materials such as photographs and diagrams.In such cases you must ensure that you have the permission of the rights holder to include these materials, as your final thesis will be made available to others via the University’s institutional repository.


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