Consumer Buyer Behavior Essay

In terms of personality, the Colgate brand fulfils my feelings and emotions of always desiring to use a tooth paste that whiten my teeth, strengthen the enamel on my teeth, and also rejuvenate my breath.

In terms of involvement, the Colgate brand has been around for many years and it has been a household item in my family for a long time now, making it a product of relative importance to the extent that I engage in a deliberate and careful decision-making process while shopping for a tooth paste.

In personality, while some consumers may desist from buying the Colgate brand since it’s from an American company, others may indeed develop strong emotions, thoughts and feelings of the product based on the fact that it has been in the market for as long as they could remember.

In self-concept and psychographics, consumers may favor the Colgate brand due to their own thoughts, feelings and opinions about the efficacy of Colgate in maintaining healthy teeth and gum when compared to other tooth pastes in the market.

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The consumer behavior research essay must cover for all the parts of the original them that include the marketing and economics & psychology too.The study of the consumer behavior will make you deal with marketing executives to fully understand and utilize the attitude of the shoppers, when you try to gain an inexpensive advantage.While you are in the process of learning how to write a consumer behavior essay, you are most likely to become victorious in learning the emotions of your target market, do some self-monitoring & cognition techniques to be able to progress effectively in marketing techniques.Moving on to involvement, it is true that other consumers may develop a low or high relative importance towards the Colgate brand based on a number of factors such as quality, price, and availability.The level of relative importance ultimately determines their deliberations and purchasing decisions.For a lot of years, scholars and consultant work hard to know the idea of psychological & marketing models needed to know the behavior of the shoppers.The Uni Tutor essay writers are here to help you comprehend the behavior of the shoppers in a more appropriate and important manner.Information regarding individual differences can be used to know what group of consumers may be interested in what you have to offer, what group of consumers demonstrate similar individual variables to the extent that the same product or service will appeal to all of them, amount of money or level of interest these customers are prepared to spend or exhibit towards a product, and also what group of consumers may have similar attitudes and beliefs about the association between price and quality of the product for their own consumption experiences.Marketers can then use this information to break down all consumers into categories of potential buyers of the product or service based on their shared profiles or shared individual difference variables, hence achieving market segmentation.Lastly, it can be argued that understanding the motivating behavior of market segments is fundamental in the process of enhancing the marketer’s capacity to develop an effective marketing strategy.Indeed, understanding the motivating behavior behind the formation of any market segment not only assists marketers to understand the needs, demands, attitudes, values and beliefs of consumers toward a particular product or service, but also what could be done to the product or service (e.g., price or quality changes) to make it more appealing to the targeted segment.


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