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Chinese business is also characterized as a tourist triangle such as opening a hotel, opening a restaurant, opening a karaoke and other entertainment services and all kinds of businesses.The Chinese also prefer to buy and use services and accommodation where the same Chinese people work.

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According to the Ministry of Tourism, 1.2 million Chinese tourists visited Sihanoukville in 2017, up to 50 percent compared to 2016. At the same time, many jobs are created for construction workers, hotels, casinos and entertainment staff.Such a trend would make it hard for Cambodians to gain the greatest benefit from the growth of Chinese tourists to Cambodia because of the money exits a Chinese pocket into another pocket of another from China.At the same time, the general feeling of Cambodians in Sihanoukville is no longer an attractive place for them to travel, for reasons of high cost and excessive Chinese presence.Fall protection can be defined as a method utilized in order to prevent a construction worker from experiencing significant injury or worse through the implementation of various safety precautions, procedures and devices in the average construction site (Stromme, 50).This takes the form of two specific types namely passive types of protection systems that do not involve the actions of employees and active systems that require manipulation by employees to actually make them effective.The increase of construction has made many Cambodians, and their families, who work there, receive more benefits than elsewhere.A construction worker there said he is paid up to $ 11 a day, and his wife works in a store with a $ 250 salary.Food, hotels and guesthouses have all increased in cost after the Chinese settled in and began working in the coastal province.Those traveling to Sihanoukville will see the construction of hotels and casinos by Chinese.Passive systems most often seen in construction sites range from guardrails and safety nets to barricades and covers while active systems on the other hand take the form of life lines, body harnesses, anchorage points and lanyards.What must be understood is that when constructing upwards companies are in effect working against the force of gravity yet since gravity is ubiquitous in our natural environment this in effect causes objects to have the tendency to propagate in a downward direction when insufficient means of harnessing are not utilized.


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