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Individuals and companies are called as direct consumers of energy may need to conserve energy so as to reduce energy expenses and promote economic security.

Industrial and business class users may want to increase the efficiency and as a result, it maximizes their benefits as well.

Since, we have limited quantity of non-renewable energy resources available on earth, it is very important to preserve energy from our current supply or to utilize renewable resources so that it is also available to our future generations.

Energy conservation plays a very important role because utilization of non-renewable resources also impacts our environment.

Therefore, every unit of kilowatt of electricity preserved diminishes the natural environment impact of energy use.

There are some facts which considerably decrease the utility bills of a family.You can view samples of our professional work here.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.Global warming has its own consequences in our atmosphere.It has its deadly effects like spreading of different diseases, warmer waters and more chances of hurricanes, financial costs, polar ice melting, increased chances and intensity of heat waves.It is one of the easiest processes to help the globe by means of pollution in addition to make use of natural energy.It may result in increase of financial capital, better environmental results, national security, personal security and human comfort.People who have more exposure to UV radiation can have some health problems like DNA damage, skin cancer, aging and other problems related to skin.There could be some possible issues that include a danger to human body health, impact on environment like rising sea levels, and major changes in vegetation growth methods.It is the practice of reducing the quantity of energy used.It may be attained through efficient energy use; in this case, energy use is decreased at the same time getting a same outcome as a result, or by reduced consumption of energy services.


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