Conflict Between Parents And Essay

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Researchers found that the way in which children understood the conflicts between their parents had different effects on their emotional and behavioural problems.

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Generation Gap is explained as the difference of ideologies and opinions between people belonging to two different generations.

It may be a difference in the political views, religious beliefs or general attitude towards life.

Professor Harold said: "Children exposed to everyday conflicts between their parents -- conflicts that are non-violent, but frequent, intense and poorly resolved -- are at elevated risk for mental health problems, even when we consider poor parenting practices or genetic susceptibility factors passed on from parents to children, in explaining the effects of hostile relationships on children." "Importantly, children may not actually be responsible for their parents' relationship problems.

Rather, they simply need to feel or perceive that they are responsible in order to experience negative psychological outcomes," said Professor Harold.

There is a drastic difference between the whole cultural, economic and social environment the two have been a part of.

Generation gap is the term given to the difference between two generations.

We have provided below, long and short essay on generation gap in English for your knowledge.

These Generation Gap Essay have been written effectively, to convey the right meaning of Generation Gap.

People born in different ages are different from each other in various aspects.

The world is changing at a rapid pace and thus the difference between people born in different times is inevitable.


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