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Some find it easier to begin by writing the conclusion since it sets a clear response to the question.Furthermore, you must not keep your conclusion for the end in an attempt to surprise the reader; paradoxically, your conclusion must be stated in the beginning.

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All assessed work is checked electronically against sources on the internet including “subscription” based sites which promise to write your essays for you!

Referencing is not troublesome when following the Oxford Standard Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA)[4].

The plan could take the form of a mind-map or bullet points in order to facilitate the thought process.

When planning the essay it is imperative to look at sources such as Acts of Parliament[1], Law Reports[2], journal articles[3] and books.

A relevant introduction, perhaps based on a key fact. Sort out your points and present them in a structured way, giving your essay a beginning, middle and an end. The conclusion should show the reader that you have really `answered the question` or `responded to the title`, with suggestions or threats (great opportunity to use the Si clause! It is very important to keep within the word limit. go through the verbs then the adjectives, gender spelling.

A good essay will include: initial RESEARCH Conclusion . it appears therefore clear that quant as for/ regarding au niveau (international) at the (international) level il fant donc rappeler que it is necessary therefore to remember il est certain que it is certain that l`important, c`est the important thing is il ne faut pas oublier que you must not forget that en conclusion in conclusion tout bien considr all things considered finalement finally aprs tout after all en fin de compte at the end of the day ce que je dis, en fait, c`est que...

A logical and well-supported essay is pivotal in order to attain good marks.

Indubitably, the French méthodologie en deux parties is a stark contrast to what the English have in mind when writing a legal essay.

writing a French essay Guidelines and practical tips To speak or to produce good quality essays in French it is important not to think it out in English and try to translate it.

Widen your French vocabulary as much as possible (je pense GCSE! Use the new words/expressions you have learnt as much as possible.


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