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(Anne Arbor, 1) The computer was mans artificial mind, although at the time and even presently computers do not have the power equal to the human brain.

Most experts agree that with the rapidly advancing market and demand for technology, it should not be too far in the future, that computers will and can exceed the mind.

The reliance of computers went to such an extent that even Humans began to use computers in all fields of study and work allowing computers to control their lives by taking over and doing everything for them.

According to another story in the book, Asimov also describes how computers would be able to predict probabilities of an event, future.

Will there be a decline in human life and a rise in the humanoid, a robotic version of us, and what will occur if this happens?

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Computers started a new age when they first began to make an impact on society, even the arrival of the simple calculator, the Z1, which was built in Germany around 1931 by Konrad Zuse had the potential to change the world.Computer would start to control humans’ lives and make humans become too dependent on the computers.Another point that is criticised by Asimov is die fact that people might take their knowledge for granted allowing computers to take over and control their lives.And copying is one of the most powerful forms of learning.� (Danylo, 345) Common sense would dictate that technology began to assist in performing tasks quicker, easier and more efficiently.The question cannot be accurately answered because it would be impossible to describe precisely what hasn't actually occurred in time.Using facts from the past and making a logical decision based on them is the closest we come to an accurate prediction of the future."Robot Renaissance � by Danylo Hawaleshka and "The Lonely Planet � by John Ibbitson contain predictions of the future world we could live in.While they both seem to forecast a different aspect of the future, Danylo focusing on robotics and the future of electronics and Johns comparison of the human population and social patterns, there is a similarity between the two topics that could link them and form another prediction that has scared some and excites others.In a story called ‘The Feeling of Power,’ Asimov portrays how people started using computers to do even simple mathematical calculations.Over a long period of time people became so reliable on computers that they forgot die simplest multiplication and division rules.


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