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The concept of cyber security in modern world is important to understand cyber threat.Cyber security is developed to protect the individual users as well as companies.

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It is vital for organizations to understand the profile and mode of operations of targeted areas.

According to Martin (2013), “Targeted, organized and long-term threats categorized as “advanced persistent threats” can be a significant problem due to sophisticated technology, expert attackers and potentially Nation State sponsorship” (p.1).

I concur with the response given to the question since it has fully explored the benefits and setbacks of e-government against the benefits of manual storage of information.

The answer has outlined the gains the government enjoys for employing technology to store its information.

Cyber Security Organizational business mission and related security goals Intellectual property is a juridical concept that refers to creative formations of the mind that have exclusive rights.

Owners of the creations are granted exclusive rights on intangible assets as stipulated in the intellectual property law on intangible creations such as music, works of art, inventions, designs, symbols and innovations.

The paper seeks to answer questions related to cyber security such as: who is been harmed and by whom, what is the harm/causation, what is the broader implication of the harm and what is the major moral issue on hand.

Most importantly, it will discuss how companies use such as rights theory, justice theory, an ethics of character, and an ethics of care while relating the same about the particular incident.

As many people become more dependent on modern technology, there has equally been an emergence of vulnerability to cyber attack such as security breaches, spear phishing and social media fraud.

With all its advantages, increased connectivity means increased risk incidences involving theft, abuse and fraud.


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