Computer-Assisted Language Learning Thesis

Computer-Assisted Language Learning Thesis-37
Generally, these are task-based activities where the stated goal is something other than language learning; however, using the target language is essential for getting the task done.For example, with Facemaker, students create different faces by using words in the language to command the computer.Participation in an RPG mimics many real-world communicative situations, such as buying and selling as well as a few not-so-real ones such as casting spells.

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Internet applications which combine interaction with another computer as well as another person or people both derived from role playing games (RPGs), which are activities where participants become part of a story where they work together and/or work against each other.

RPGs were originally played on paper with pencils and dice but since the 1990s nearly all RPGs have been computer-based, with the computer acting as a player and/or referee.

Learners can communicate one-on-one or one to many as well as share audio and video files.

Because of all this, CMC has had the most impact on language teaching.

Nowadays, web sites that cater to foreign-language learners, especially those learning English, are so numerous and varied that it can be very difficult to determine where to begin.

There are even meta-sites dedicated to trying to give a starting point such as Dave’s ESL Café ( and LLRC Recommended Sources (

General authoring programs like Macromedia Director can be used to make an entire course; however, most teachers do not have the time or the technical ability to make use of such programs.

Internet activities vary considerably, from online versions of software (where the learner interacts with a networked computer), to computer-mediated communication (where the learner interacts with other people via the computer), to applications that combine these two elements.

It usually includes a substantial interactive element.

It also includes the search for and the investigation of applications in language teaching and learning.


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