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More than any other sleeping or awake state, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep directly enhances creative processing in the brain.

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Add “main branches” showing all the ways that your problem can be solved, such as colleagues that can help, techniques you can apply, and other resources you can use. Make a final branch with the most suitable solution for the main problem. Through this exercise, you should be able to see which “branch” or option is the most practical, time-saving, and cost-effective problem solving method. According to the construal level theory (CLT), it’s “anything that we do not experience as occurring now, here, and to ourselves.” Some examples include taking another person’s perspective or thinking of the problem as unlikely.

Scientists have shown that by increasing the mental distance between us and our problem, we’ll have an increase in creative solutions.

This means that if you engage in ballet or another form of structured dance, doing so may facilitate convergent thinking.

In other words, it may help you find a single, appropriate answer to a problem.

This can be related to our working world when we plan, reason, monitor our actions and problem-solve all at once.

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Therefore, it may be concluded that when you play soccer or any other fast-moving sport, you’re rewiring your brain to be quicker at thinking, processing, and reacting to problems.I submitted my resume and applied for some jobs, and then I had an automated telephone screening call.It feels intimidating to answer questions into an automated system but that's what I did.If you need help with divergent thinking (finding multiple answers to a problem), engaging in more improvised types of dance such as hip-hop or tap might just do the trick.The winning strategy when playing chess, Sudoku, a Rubik’s Cube, or other brain-boosting games is actually to work the problem backward, not forward.I would quit being an HR person before I would ask a job candidate to answer context-free, scripted questions into a machine.That being said, you could be asked the same question on a live interview, and every job-seeker has to expect to hear some variation on the question "Tell me about a time when you solved a problem on the job." I disapprove of questions that begin with "Tell me about a time when..." almost as much as I disapprove of automated phone-screening software.The whole automated interview is only supposed to take ten minutes. Thanks, Dear Simon, We have reached a sad point in our history when we think it's acceptable to subject job-seeking professionals to an automated telephone screening interview.One of the questions was "Tell me about a problem you encountered at work, and how you resolved it." That's a lot of information to convey in two minutes or less! If somebody has a job opening but they don't have time to talk with you live, they don't deserve your talents.When in action, our brains are quickly multitasking between moving, anticipating, strategizing, reacting, and performing.Doing all these things at once requires an enormous amount of brain activity.


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