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With the audience pitying the down trodden people of Ascher’s essay, she begins to analyze compassionate deeds like giving money or food to the homeless.She uses her own reactions to witnessing the selfless acts by including rhetorical questions she asked herself upon observing the circumstances. Or does she simply want to rid her shop of his troublesome presence?When looking at America one of the best examples of its deep levels of human compassion is the services provided to those less fortunate.

With the audience pitying the down trodden people of Ascher’s essay, she begins to analyze compassionate deeds like giving money or food to the homeless.

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She states that compassion is a learned trait and if struggle and misfortune were something outlawed or nonexistent humanity would lack compassion due to its own desire to be comfortable, not being confronted with the worlds troubling issues.

Throughout her essay she attempts to fully encapsulate her audience and in so doing force them to analyze their own feelings on compassion.

They are not so far removed as one would think, instead of under overpasses and sleeping in doorways of businesses their faces are as numerous as those clean shaven and recently applied.

They are a silent majority one that does not speak with words but with looks and glances that seep despair, and tattered clothes that plead helplessness.

She uses anecdotes to set the stage of her essay and draw the audience in using their own experiences alongside a variance of details to set the tone to help develop her points and finally she uses a few rhetorical questions to confront the audience which keeps the audience reading and gets them thinking.

Ascher's essay "On Compassion", she addresses the need for compassion.

This flashback is not vague or subjective; it is a forward description of the type of individual Ascher’s essay focuses on.

With the aid of her anecdotes, Ascher keeps the attention of her audience and makes her piece stimulating to read because she places her audience in the memory with her instead of observers to something they themselves did not experience.

These questions include “Was it fear or compassion that motivated the gift? ” The audience has no answers to offer Ascher and when confronted with these questions her audience’s reaction is to ask themselves the questions and attempt to come up with an answer that satisfies their own views.

I have wondered, what compels this woman to feed this man? The questions serve as a mystery which encourages readers to continue to finish the essay in hopes to find answers to Ascher’s questions.


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