Compare And Contrast Literary Essay

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A comparison and contrast essay compares two similar objects, or contrasts dissimilar objects, in a way that readers become informed about the advantages and disadvantages of both the objects.

Readers are then able to weigh pros and cons of the objects compared and contrasted to select a better product.

He was an unreconstructed black pessimist who, in spite of or because of emancipation, was convinced for 85 years that there was no hope whatever for black people in this country.

His rancor was legitimate, for he, John Solomon, was not only an artist but a first-rate carpenter and farmer, reduced to sending home to his family money he had made playing the violin because he was not able to find work.

You might compare and contrast two different kinds of pets, or two novels from the same historical time period.

Maybe you’re thinking that writing an essay about just one subject is hard enough!He was my grandfather, a musician who managed to hold on to his violin but not his land.He lost all 88 acres of his Indian mother’s inheritance to legal predators who built their fortunes on the likes of him.(Paragraph goes on to argue cause and effect.) TS 4: Given the above, it is not surprising that Achilles and Odysseus differ considerably in the way they treat other people who face dangers with them.(Paragraph leads toward a conclusion by describing the consequences of their attitudes.) Notice that in the sample outline, the argument begins by establishing that the two things being compared are sufficiently similar to bear the comparison. You should not launch a comparison without indicating why you think these two items belong together in a comparison.A comparison and contrast essay helps readers reach a critical decision.It could be a comparison and contrast of two products, two objects, two things, or two issues.A study of these two men in this regard reveals some really significant differences about the worldview in the two poems.Topic Sentence (TS) 1: At first glance, Achilles and Odysseus share many things in common., which contains much more information on this topic and many others.Although this sample mentions only one paragraph per topic sentence, you may have more than one paragraph supporting each main point.


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