Compare And Contrast Essay On Skiing And Snowboarding

Compare And Contrast Essay On Skiing And Snowboarding-47
Thus, from the criteria above, these are the differences between these two events.

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Some of the games played are the same but just different ways of playing.

The similarities of games played for Olympics and Paralympics is it is categorize as summer and winter games.

Olympics game is a major event which held every 4 years.

However it is classified into 2 groups which are winter game and summer game.

For the Olympics, qualified athlete must at least meet the minimum requirement set by the Olympics organization in order to participate in the Olympics game, which is at least a national athlete. For example, Gymnastics and other acrobatic events, kids as young as 4 can be selected for elite programs to prepare for the Olympics game.

However, sports like wrestling or rowing, adult’s bodies are required to really excel, so intense training usually starts around high school. (10 Steps to Become an Olympic Athlete 2010, online) Youth athletes require a lot of intense training all the time, and competing with all the junior level, year around.And lastly, if they place high enough in the trial, they may be selected for the team. Athletes that participate in Paralympics with disability but do not interfere with their ability to participate in the game are all welcome to join the Paralympics game.Paralympics competitors are classified based on their level of disability during the game.And it usually held immediately after the Olympic game.There are many different kinds of games played in Olympics and Paralympics.Therefore, in another word, it is held every 2 years but 4 years within their respective games.For example, in the year of 2004, summer Olympics game was held in Athens, Greece.(Jennifer Rosenberg 2010) Besides that, the background of Paralympics is the first Paralympics Games were held in Rome, Italy, in 1960 and involved 400 athletes from 23 countries.Originally only wheelchair athletes were invited to compete.As an example, the last Olympics which is 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, there were a total of 28 summer sports.For Olympics Summer Games, categorized sports played on land and water sports.


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