Compare And Contrast Essay About Beowulf

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Some of them have been caused by the bad weather conditions while others have been connected to the sea dangers.

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The illustration of it is “The Seafarer“, the poem dealing with the sailor’s confession about his past actions.

It seems that the main difference between these two kinds of Old English poetry is the presence of heroism.

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Nobody tried to keep him from going, no elder denied him, dear as he was to them” (“Beowulf” 199-205).

At the same time, the seafarer is an example of passivity.It seems that Beowulf and the seafarer are completely different characters. In other words, he does not humbly wait for the outcome.The quotation about Beowulf’s decision to save Hrothgar’s kingdom from Grendel illustrates it, “He announced his plan: to sail the swan’s roads and search out that king, the famous prince who needed defenders. The other type of epic is the literary story about the life of common people. This Old English poem describes the brave deeds of the warrior Beowulf (Alexander 76).Despite all these struggles and fears, the seafarer does not renounce his fate. In the second part of a poem, the seafarer indicates the reason for it.His main intention is not to find the earthly happiness but the heavenly one. That is why he follows his hard fate without any regrets.Although two characters have different traits of character, their similarity is in the heroic power to overcome the hardships. He comes to Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, to perform an important task – to save the nation from the terrible monster Grendel.Without any hesitation, Beowulf comes into the fight with the creature and achieves victory.Beowulf defines himself through courage and strength, and he shows these features on the battlefields.For instance, “In he came then, the thane’s commander, the arch-warrior, to address Hrothgar: his courage was proven, his glory was secure.


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