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Most mass media are regarded as political instruments of the government or particular interest groups (Reljić, 2004, Pg. In conclusion, I find myself in agreement with Reljić (2004) who notes that the mass media acts as the watchdog for the democratic system that is present in a country.However such a media can act as the watchdog only when the mass media reports what is going on in the country in a fair and......

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According to the essay "Post-Communist Countries" findings, the United States could not intervene knowing how aggressive Russia was and could end up turning on to America. This relationship could not be mended since Russia saw Georgia as a threat because Georgia was the only former soviet state willing to stand against Russia in the face of war.

Georgian and Russian relations had been on the rocks from the time Russia assisted Ossetia to break away from Georgian rule.

Moreover, Poland and the US have also shared good political relations.

In 2007, the US had plans to construct an anti-ballistic missile defense in Poland. Communist manifesto Communist manifesto Industrial Revolution and the rise of various socialist movements in Europein the early 19th century Studies have shown that powerful and populous European monarchy during the political revolutions in North American colonies of Britain ignited a variety of revolutionary movements in Latin America, Haiti, and Europe in initiating seemingly and profound irreversible effects on western society.

Not only were the form of governments and personnel altered but the entire basis of government were changed leading to emergency of society encompassing gender roles, human rights, nationality, and social class.

Saakashvili to continue with his plans and take heart.

The war between these two countries contributed the good relationship that Russia and Georgia have now.

A Military Revolt led to the Qing Dynasty’s fall and revolution in the year 1911.

In spite of significant hope of democracy, the established republic proved a miserable failure in the year 1912 (Li, 2012).


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