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At the same time, it should also be ensured that the sector isn’t monopolized by the government itself.We need a balance between socialism and capitalism, if you will. What, in your opinion, makes a difference when it comes to education? Also, do not forget to follow me on Twitter if you haven’t already.A person coming from a rich background obviously has a much better chance to do well in life than one from a poor background.

Commercialization of Education Source Commercialization of education refers to when an act of imparting, learning and acquiring knowledge is perceived as a way of creating an enterprise for the purpose of attaining economic ends or returns(profit).

Naturally, education should be seen as a way of disseminating knowledge which will constitute into job creation rather than to be seen as a mechanism for procuring a better standard of living by acquiring economic return.

Commercialization makes sure that students reach their full potential.

Also, commercialization would lead to competition among the “bringers of education” which would lead to a simple market correction thus bringing down the price.

First of all, it allows for more money to flow into the sector.

Government funding of public schools and colleges is abysmally low internationally and the standard of education isn’t very high to begin with.

This seriously undermines the altruistic nature of education, much more so in a country like India where students are supposed to consider their as equivalent to Gods.

Commercialization of education not only gives it a tainted image, but also promotes divisive policies.

Education can only be deduced to be way too commercialized by considering the pons and cons of its commercialization.

Of course, education is way too much commercialized nowadays.


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