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The following are the initial products that Earthly Clean will offer.As the company grows they will consider adding new items to the product list as demanded by the market: Because Earthly Clean buys private label goods direct from the manufacturer, even after paying out the sales commissions, their products are competitively priced.This is achieved through the private label procurement as well as the more efficient, grassroots system of distribution.

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This is an efficient and effective distribution model where the products are purchased private label direct from the manufacturer ensuring the highest quality and low prices. The traditional bureaucratic distribution model with huge corporate profits is eliminated.

MLM businesses are often confused with pyramid schemes which are illegal in the U. Pyramid schemes are business forms that offer compensation specifically for the recruitment of new sellers.

An MLM approach is a grassroots networking based approach where products are sold direct from an individual (distributor) to the end consumer.

The distributor receives the products from Earthly Clean who buys direct from the manufacturer.

Earthly Clean is able to offer competitively priced products that are of the highest quality.

Earthly Clean will sell products to two customer segments.This segment is taken from the actual consumers that purchase and use products.This creates a sales force that passionately believes in the products that they sell.Demographics for this group are younger, politically liberal people who are interested in making an individual contribution to the betterment of our environment.The second target segment is a select group from within the first segment of individual customers.Earthly Clean sells to consumers, some of those consumers then become distributors earning revenue for Earthly Clean as well as themselves.If these new distributors attract more people to sell, they then make money on their specific sales as well as money on everything that their recruited sales people sell.Earthly Clean’s mission is the development of a environmentally friendly distribution company that uses grassroots and network marketing techniques to sell the product and make a meaningful contribution to the environment.Earthly Clean exists to support its members and to support the environment.If it is based on recruitment it is presumed illegal.Earthly Clean only compensates distributors for sales, an effective and efficient sales and distribution system.


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