Commercial Cleaning Business Plan

For instance, at a daycare, a cleaner space means fewer runny noses and feverish kids — something every child care worker (and parent! When the founders of Swept ran their own cleaning company (before transitioning into janitorial software) they told clients this: We’ll pay you to fire us. They offered to pay the bill for their client’s last month of services if they wanted to find a new cleaning company.A bold statement, but guess how many times they were taken up on that offer? No matter what your schtick, clearly communicate what the customer can expect when they hire your commercial cleaning company.In other words, your efforts to impress a potential client can’t stop when you leave the walk-through.

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In a smaller organization, the impact could be more directly on one person, such as the administrative staff responsible for ensuring the space makes a good first impression on clients who come into the office.

Be specific enough that your potential client can picture what that improvement will look like. How do you get across just how serious you are about customer satisfaction to someone?

If you’re not sure what makes you different, think through the various processes in your business that impact customer satisfaction. That’s why every good cleaning service proposal has social proof sprinkled throughout.

Social proof is when you use the opinions or actions of people to influence behaviour, so like reviews, case studies, ratings, endorsements, and number of customers or products sold (Think Mc Donald’s – “Over 99 billion served”). Businesses in some industries might be able to get away with generic testimonials from any Joe Schmo, or even go the other direction and quote a client with some level of celebrity status.

As I eluded to earlier, so many companies refer to themselves as ‘the best.’ Hopefully, I don’t need to explain the problem with every business owner and their dog using that title.

As long as you know that ‘the best’ isn’t a great way to make yourself stand out, we can move on to more unique qualities you can highlight for prospective customers.The hard truth of the day: the janitorial industry is known for contractors who compete primarily on price.They swoop in with their promises of being the best / the greenest / the most reliable, then they underbid on the contract, and underperform on the job. This means that janitorial companies like yours — who work hard, pay their employees well, and keep happy customers — need to bake your unique awesomeness into every aspect of your sales process to win the contract without lowering your bid.In this article, we’ll look at how to write a commercial cleaning services proposal that allows you to seal the deal, without lowering your price.We’ve divided this article up into one major “DON’T” and a few key “DO’s”.It shouldn’t be subtly hinted at, as if you’re afraid someone might notice you do things differently.Your differentiation should be woven throughout your whole business proposal, loud and clear.This is probably the most important “do” on the list.How you’re different from the competition shouldn’t live in just one specific section, five pages in.This is less about selling and more about ensuring your first few interactions in your new relationship as client-contractor are positive — that you start off on the right foot.The most important thing to outline here is how and when you’ll collect payment so that there are no surprises.


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