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It has long been held that we should honour our past soldiers, to that honour I say that we should add thanks and deference.I think that commemorations should be an opportunity for all people but especially the young to thank and be grateful for the service of the forces and civilians during both the world wars.

The silence, says the Royal British Legion, is "to remember the brave men and women who fought so courageously and with such sacrifice to secure the freedom which you and I enjoy today".

On Remembrance Sunday there is another two minutes silence at eleven o’clock.

That system is the law of the Roman city which ultimately became the law of the ancient world, and survives in the modern world as the basis of the codes of great nations like France, Italy, and Germany, and, in a more diluted form, of many other states.

As Magna Carta is the first document of high legal significance for England, so for Rome the first such document was the Law of the Twelve Tables.

The poppies worn and laid are a mark of respect for those who have died in wars everywhere in our name.

Also a march past by veterans from wars symbolises the suffering and pain that goes on everywhere today and that is endured by some many.

It influenced the form which France from 1790 onwards gave to the successive frames of Government she adopted, and led to the placing in most of them of declarations of the primordial or so-called “Natural” Rights of Man.

The positive and pragmatic phrases of Stephen Langton—if it was he who was the chief draftsman of Magna Carta—had now been transmuted by the spirit of Rousseau into wider and vaguer terms.

The distinction between these elements had not been clearly drawn, either in Rome or in England, at the time of their enactment.

But it was the private element that turned out to be of most consequence in the Roman case, the public or constitutional element in the English. The Twelve Tables were prepared and passed to meet the demand of the Roman plebs for some formal and permanent definition and limitation of the arbitrary executive authority exercised by the consuls, and they contained rules which gave some protection to the civil rights of the individual citizen.


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