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Cornell College was founded in 1853 by George Bryant Bowman, a Methodist minister from North Carolina with a passionate belief in higher education.Cornell's department of geology is the oldest in Iowa, with course offerings dating to 1855.Along with its commitment to the preservation of the best of the old, Cornell has been willing to adopt innovative changes.Over at we've broken out the list of essentials into different categories, making your back-to-school shopping even easier, whether you do all of it online or prefer to print this article out and go aisle through aisle at your nearest department store.However, it’s extremely important to note that different colleges (and sometimes even different dorms at the same college) have specific rules on what you can and cannot have in your room — especially when it comes to kitchen supplies, extra furniture, and decorations — so definitely make sure to check your school’s website before your RA confiscates that mini fridge or that coffee maker during your first week of college. Not only does it save space with its slim and sleek design but it will save your life when the heaters are blasting during the fall or when the heat is unbearable during the summer.The beginning of the tradition of throwing toilet paper into the trees, power lines and every other stationary object on the corner is open to debate."We celebrated Pat Sullivan winning the Heisman Trophy there in 1971 and no toilet paper was tossed," said David Housel, Auburn Athletics Director Emeritus.Just head for the intersection of College Street and Magnolia Ave, where Auburn's campus and the City of Auburn come together. Since the beginning of Auburn athletics, Tiger fans have celebrated victories there.The intersection, which marks the transition from downtown Auburn to the university campus, is known as Toomer's Corner.Harriette Cooke, on the faculty from 1857 to 1890, was one of the first women in the nation to be paid a professorial salary equal to that of her male colleagues. that color and race shall not be considered as a basis of qualification in the admission of students …” The college was among the first to recognize the science of education in 1872, when it began offering education courses.Sociology was added to the curriculum in 1899, only six years after the University of Chicago established the first academic department of sociology in the United States.


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