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The popular dramatists during this period include: Aside from the flowering of Spanish, Filipino and English languages as literary media, several vernaculars writers and poets gained popularity in their respective localities. Although the Filipinos were defeated in the Philippine-American War, or Philippine Insurrection as termed by the Americans, they kept the flame of nationalism burning as ever.

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English language was used as medium of instruction in public schools as early as 1900 in the Corregidor Island. Theo Rogers was the first privately owned publication to publish English works of Filipino writers.

The revolutionary newspaper “El Renacimiento” edited by Rafael Palma, who later on became UP President, was the pioneering newspaper to publish works written in English Language. They pay the Filipino writers when their work was chosen to be published.

Pioneers in formal essay include: Short story as a literary genre was brought along by the Americans.

Filipinos readily adopted short story because as a form of relaxation and entertainment, it proved to be worthwhile for one can read such in just a short while.

American period is one of the turning points which made our Philippine literary tradition colorful and interesting.

This period saw the addition of a colorful language, the English language, as an indispensable tool for literature and communication.There have been improvements on the subject, content and style of writing essays.GENERAL TYPES OF LITERATURE Literature can generally be divided into two types: prose and poetry. These include novels, biographies, short stories, contemporary dramas, legends, fables, essays, anecdotes, news and speeches. Many Filipinos finished their schooling in the Philippines because many schools had been already established. It contains biographies of saints, novenas, and questions and answers on religion. This means a girl will ask him a riddle and if he is able to answer, he will offer the ring to the girl. This replaced the Duplo and is held to honor Francisco “Balagtas” Baltazar.There were even Filipino (Tagalog) and other vernacular versions of them.By and large, short stories began to be published in various school newspapers and periodicals such as: The essay during this period was greatly improved in quality and quantity.As a result, more and more Filipinos became writers and poets and dramatists.Francisco “Balagtas” Baltazar’s epic poem, Florante at Laura and Father Modesto De Castro’s social novel, Urbana at Felisa became the inspiration of the Filipino (Tagalog) writers.Peace movements started as early as 1900 and many Filipinos started writing again “after the sword was broken.” They wrote all forms of literature like news, poetry, stories, plays essays, novels which clearly depicted their love of country and longing for independence.Hence, the spirit of nationalism of the people remained undaunted.To begin with, let us take a look at the three periods, namely: The Period of Re-orientation covered the early years of American period and the landing of the Americans to Philippine shores including the Philippine-American War.Even during the war, the Americans established public school system in areas that have been pacified.


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