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Advanced Placement exams have been around for decades.While the format and content have changed over the years, the basic goal of the AP program remains the same: to give high school students a chance to earn college credit or advanced placement.

There are two questions: one document-based question and one long essay.

Document-Based Question 60 minutes | 25% of Score The 60-minute time limit for this section includes a 15-minute reading period.

  You will have 55 minutes to write this beast. And you gotta contextualize by putting your argument into historical perspective.

  Below is what the College Board says about the DBQ:  " The DBQ is the College Board's baby.

Each tests the same skills but the questions focus on different historical time periods (either the period from c.

In my opinion, the AP World History Exam is the hardest of the AP History tests - not simply because the test makers expect students to know about all world cultures from 3000 BC to the 21st century but because the questions are very sophisticated.

As for the AP World History Exam, we've got one stop left.

You will probably spend more time working on this essay in class than any other.

The topic of the document-based question will include historical developments or processes between the years 14. You'll be asked to develop and support an argument based on evidence.

Long Essay Question 40 minutes | 15% of Score You'll have a choice of three questions; you’ll pick one to answer.


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