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And earlier this year, seven Washington-area prep schools said they would be eliminating AP courses from their curriculums.

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Packer was reading before he was 5 and always had a book with him.

“When he was born, I filled his crib with every kind and shape of ball from the world of sports, but to no avail,” Rand told me.

But some educators at private institutions think that a program this popular can’t be right for their students.

In 2013, Dartmouth College announced that it would no longer give incoming students credit toward graduation for high school AP courses.

He set up and taught after-school Bible classes, preparing his students for missions, once they turned 19, to bring the Book of Mormon to the world.

Rand met his wife, Shirlee, in high school; he was football captain and she head cheerleader.

The movement to unleash the potential of impoverished American teenagers through AP began with Escalante’s 1987 miracle.

That year, his big barrio school, Garfield High in East Los Angeles, produced 27 percent of all the Mexican American students in the United States who passed an AP calculus exam.

Packer had studied diligently in that AP course, but the 16-year-old knew that with a modest income and nine children, his parents couldn’t afford the test fee of . The principal told his mother that if he got a good score on the test, he would earn credit for that course in college.

Packer’s mother remembered disliking the huge freshman classes she’d taken at Brigham Young University, with no meaningful contact with professors.


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