Closing Statement For A Cover Letter

Please contact me on 00.000.000 or by email to set up an appointment.Thank you for your time and consideration.""I believe I am particularly well qualified for this position and I would welcome the chance to meet with you to explore this further. I can be contacted on 00 000 000 or on this email.""I am convinced that I can provide the accounting skills you require for this position.

By creating a strong and confident closing paragraph you will leave the employer with the impression that you are the right job candidate.

Set yourself up for job search success with these excellent cover letter pages.

As well as your cover letter, it’s essential to make sure your resume is as good as it can possibly be as it’s your most powerful tool for finding a job.

Many candidates use an online resume builder and professional resume templates to produce attractive, well-written resumes.

Always wrap up your cover letter with a powerful affirmation of why you are a suitable candidate and a suggestion on the next step - a meeting, phone call, interview or discussion. An enthusiastic and positive finish will add impetus to your cover letter and grab the reader's attention.

Use one of these cover letter closing paragraph examples to get the results you want.To maximize your chances of reaching the job interview stage it’s important to make sure every part of your resume and cover letter are up-to-scratch.Closing a cover letter effectively is particularly important as you want to leave the employer with a positive first impression.I look forward to having the chance to discuss the role in more detail with you.”“Thank you for considering me for the position of Web Designer.I have attached a copy of my resume and some examples of my work."I would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how I can be of benefit to the company.I will call you over the next few days to make an appointment at a time that is convenient to you.I look forward to hearing from you in the near future to schedule an interview at your convenience where we can discuss how I might contribute to the success of your company.""I am eager to learn more about the sales job and I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss my skills in more depth and how they can be of benefit to your department.I am available for a personal interview at your earliest convenience and can be reached on 00 000 000.""The chance to work at XYZ Company would be a tremendous opportunity and I am sure that I can make an immediate contribution to your bottom line.In your email signature, you should include your name, telephone number, email address, and a link to your Linked In profile.You may also want to add links to your other social media profiles if you think it will support your application. It’s surprising how many candidates forget to do this.


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