Christy Brown With Cerebral Palsy As An Essay

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He was one of 22 children, only 13 of which survived past infancy.He was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy soon after his birth, which left him almost entirely incapable of movement apart from in his left leg.For perhaps the first time in his life, Brown felt thankful for all that he was able to do, as opposed to feeling depressed about all that he was unable to do.

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He discovered his passion for the arts at a young age, and adapted to his disability by writing and drawing by using his left foot, the only limb over which he had control.

when he lived in America with his partner at the time Beth Moore.

Although other children, including his siblings, would play with him while Brown moved around on a cart he called “Henry,” he felt distance from these children in a very acute way.

Brown knew he was different; that realization was an intensely depressing one for him.

There, he met a number of people with even worse disabilities than his.

This experience gave him an enormously valuable dose of perspective on his condition.Though his life was cut short, his legacy continued to grow.Eight years after his death, Mr Brown’s first autobiography was made in to a now-famous feature film which starred Daniel Day Lewis.This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of (1954) is Irish author Christy Brown’s autobiography.Born with severe cerebral palsy, Brown went on to become a successful author, painter, and poet, even though he lacked control and dexterity of his limbs, with the exception of his left foot.Then, when Brown was five years old, his mother finally saw evidence that she was right.One day, while his sister was playing with a piece of chalk next to him, Brown took the piece of chalk out of her hand with his left foot and wrote an “A” on the ground.At four months old, however, Brown’s mother noticed that her son could not hold his head upright and lacked motor control of the rest of his body.Afraid that there was something seriously wrong with her child’s health, she took him to a doctor who diagnosed Brown with a severe and incurable disorder known as cerebral palsy.The relationship between Mr Brown and Ms Carr was controversial, with rumours that Mr Brown was being abused by his wife.He died at the age of 49 after a choking incident, and his body was found to have bruising consistent with domestic abuse.


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