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Editor’s Note: After the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith published a notification March 14 on some works of the liberation theologian Jon Sobrino, S.J., the editors wondered how we might inform our readers about the questions at stake.Taken in isolation, without reference to the full humanity of Jesus, this statement is misleading and potentially harmful.

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The notification questions first the methodological presuppositions of Sobrino’s Christology. apparently thinks Sobrino is playing fast and loose with the nature of the church. warns that Sobrino’s Christ is being wrenched from his ecclesial matrix.

Faith and the Poor By Alejandro Garcia-Rivera Recently I had the honor of listening to Metropolitan Kallistos Ware as he gave a talk on the Orthodox understanding of the Holy Spirit. This altar is composed of the very members of Christ, and the body of the Lord becomes an altar.

During the question-and-answer session, a young Roman Catholic seminarian asked him what he thought of the recent Vatican notification on the works of Jon Sobrino, S. Bishop Ware smiled, thought for a minute and quoted this famous passage from St. This altar is more venerable even than the one which we now use.

Does the notification assert that Sobrino’s Christology falls prey to such skepticism?

There is reason to think so, namely, the concern for “the manner in which the author treats the major Councils of the early Church.” The notification lifts out this particular quote from Sobrino’s : “While these texts are useful theologically, besides being normative, they are also limited and even dangerous, as is widely recognized today.” While recognizing the limited character of dogmatic formulation, the notification insists that “there is no foundation for calling these formulas dangerous, since they are authentic interpretations of Revelation.”Here the wisdom from the Orthodox tradition and the relevance of Chrysostom’s text become evident.


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