Christmas Problem Solving

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Penguin Puzzler:   pattern problem-solving challenge that provides the total number of penguins and requires students to analyze the pattern to discover how many many rows of penguins marched in the parade. Snowflake Symmetry requires students to create symmetrical snowflakes from white paper.  Each student folds a sheet of blue paper and glues the snowflake to the blue paper along a line of symmetry.  encourages students to apply the patterns in Pascal's Triangle.

Note that it took a mathematician to find the "correct" solution.

So please, read the note on the answer page and look at the question as open-ended.

Penguin Parade:   pattern problem-solving task that asks students to figure out how many penguins marched in the parade, given the marching pattern.

  PDF file contains problem, challenge and solution.

For example, try multiplication facts with graph paper by making rectangles, coloring them, and finding the answers by counting.

The coordinate geometry activity is a little more involved, but should be fun for students who have some experience with coordinate geometry.

Some of the Christmas math worksheets may be fairly large due to the number of images included.

We hope you enjoy this page and we wish you the best of the season!

The Elves Number Patterns worksheet is a more standard type of patterning worksheet where students identify and continue a pattern.

The Reindeer Patterns is a bit more challenging because students look for the mistakes in number patterns and fix them.


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