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The responses so far have ranged widely both in Europe and North America.That Christianity and Islam stand at a critical juncture hardly needs saying.And God forbid (so to speak) that it should preach any sort of moral standards, social or sexual.

The responses so far have ranged widely both in Europe and North America.That Christianity and Islam stand at a critical juncture hardly needs saying.

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Geoffrey Troughton is a Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at Victoria University of Wellington.

His research focuses on religion in New Zealand, the history of Christianity, and contemporary religious change.

Paperback, 137 x 208mm256 pages November 2011 Has religion shaped, or been shaped by, New Zealand culture and society? Questions like these have generated lively debate in recent years, not least among historians.

This important collection of essays offers fresh insights into those debates, and makes available new research into the history of Christian ideas, practices and institutions in New Zealand.

How we respond to the challenge of living together as people of different faiths is at the heart of this essay.

As I will expand on later, this is especially critical for those of us who see ourselves as called to be witnesses for Christ, seeking to win others to a saving faith in him.Together they provide evidence of significant religious change, influence and agency.They also demonstrate that ‘the spirit of the past’ can remain surprisingly close at hand.In mid-2011, the Pew Research Center did a large study of opinions within Muslim and Western publics to gauge the tensions between the two.It concluded that “many in the West see Muslims as fanatical and violent, while few say Muslims are tolerant or respectful of women.With this human tide of people entering into Europe there is a strong sense of the passing of what was once known as “Christendom,” a world order in which entire countries gave the Christian Church an established place.Some alarmed European demographers have predicted that with higher birthrates in Muslim families and continuing immigration, it’s just a matter of time until Europe is Islamized.The magnitude of the destruction of life and cultural treasures raises questions about what Muslims and Christians of good will can do to ease the tensions, and what advice they can give to their governments that might provide some help.Identifying some of the major issues would be one step.And as we do this we acknowledge that Muslims likewise should, and do want to persuade us to accept their faith in Allah and reverence for Muhammad, his prophet.Philip Jenkins, author of [Islam] should cease teaching its superiority to other religions since, as rational people are assumed to realize, all religions are equally invalid.


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