Child Prostitution In Asia Essays

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Rapes and Violence The main reason for this is public opinion.

Most people in the United States are against prostitution.

Even though they built up more and more unskilled factory jobs, however the wage is ten to twenty times lower than the pay of the lowest sex worker employed at beer bars (Ashoka).

Therefore most women would choose to be a sex worker instead of factory worker.

Introduction In the United States prostitution for the most part is illegal.

Child Prostitution In Asia Essays

Around the world though is practically the opposite. The US is one of the few countries in the world where prostitution is illegal.Public opinion is easily swayed by such things as previous histories of many of the prostitutes, illegal trafficking of immigrants into the US for the purposes of prostitution.Over 50,000 people are illegally trafficked into the United States Every Year, many for the purpose of prostitution (Gale, G. Most profits go into funding more of the same, as well as drug usage Human Rights Groups There are some Human Rights Groups that are pro prostitution.Second, strongly enforce all laws against fraud, coercion, violence, child sexual abuse, child labor, rape, and racism everywhere and across national boundaries, whether or not in the context of prostitution.Third, guarantee prostitutes all human rights and civil liberties, including the freedom of speech, travel, immigration, work, marriage, and motherhood and the right to unemployment insurance, health insurance, and housing.When I say for the most part I mean that in some counties in Nevada prostitution is legal.Downfalls of Legal Prostitution Prostitution is legal (with some restrictions) in Canada, most all of Europe including England, France, Wales, and Denmark.Sex tourism and child sex tourism have been booming in the last past recently years.It has been one of the main sources of economic in Thailand, when people think of sex tourism and child sex tourism; Thailand would be one of the first countries that pop out into people’s mind. Sex tourism and child sex tourism could be bad to the society and morality.In this analysis, there will be a study about negative impacts and positive impacts of sex tourism in Bangkok, Thailand.What are the benefits it brings to the country and what are the damages it causes?


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