Child Labor Essay Questions

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Although he gained experience in his early adult life, it later became difficult to cope up with the real working class life.

However, some people think paid jobs for children can fetch experience and improve the learning ability.

This can also lead them to discontinue their studies.

For instance, my brother always worked during his summer break for small scale companies that ultimately led to disinterest in academics and at the age of 18 he dropped out from college and began work.

It is strongly recommended that governments should either prohibit the employment of children or police their laws effectively. It is particularly strong in that you have some good arguments that are well supported with reasons and examples, and your opinion is clear. There are some noticeable grammar issues though so you need to work on this.

Make sure you leave yourself enough time to check your grammar or check it as you go along.Child labor has become one of the concerning issues for many governments all over the world.Some experts have recommended that this might be a great opportunity to gain knowledge and skills for adult life.For example, they are exposed to harmful chemicals, leading to other serious health and mental illnesses later in their lives.To conclusion, immorality and severe health problem for the young generations are two major drawback of child labor.Visit: https:// for more information about Child Labour essay by prithu (london) In many countries children are engaged in some kind of paid work.Some people regard this as completely wrong, while others consider it as valuable work experience, important for learning and taking responsibilty. In the recent times, children are encouraged to work for money in many parts of the world in order to gain experience.This new trend is practiced in many countries especially during summer and winter breaks.Some think it is a bad idea to introduce handling money in young age while others think jobs that pay can help to gain experience and knowledge.Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.Child laboring has become a major threat to humanity around the globe.


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