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Below , the chains are firm and unbendable to relieve the force being applied.

This is due to either (a) the chains are strong to resist the stress; or (b) the force applied is excessive for the motionless polymer chains to overcome, so the polymer sample will just break or shatter. It is also affected by other factors listed in section 1.4.

The lesson he learns is valuing his family more than material possessions.

The same way their dad paid and took his sisters for piano lessons even though, it was during the depression.ones which have polymer chains packed in ordered, repeating patterns in the three-dimensional crystal lattice.However the glass transition is different to melting because only amorphous polymers undergo the glass transition.He saves money meant for his fare to the movies so that he can buy chewing gums and get the picture of Ken Maynard.His hard work and savings earn him thirty five cents which he intends to spend on the purchase of the chewing gums.Jerry becomes more caring and considerate to his family.He even begins to understand his elder brother whom he had earlier referred to as a stranger.Heat is a form of kinetic energy that causes random motion of molecules and the pliability of polymer, in comparison to “cold” polymers which lack kinetic energy to move around and hence are brittle on cooling.Example of this behavior is the glass transition of chewing gum.As the polymer is heated until it eventually reaches its glass transition temperature, the molecules start to wiggle around.In inorganic glasses, more bonds are broken with increased thermal fluctuations; while in organic polymers, non-covalent bonds between chains also become weaker.


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