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I don't speak from personal experience but I definitely know about this matter.Most English teachers have probably been teaching the books or poems you are studying for a few years now.I never copied anything for my coursework, but i used yahoo answers for correction of some of my french coursework..thing is i cant delete those cos it wont let me, and i probably cant prove it's me who posted it since i lost the password. i've done 3 pieces already and 2/3 of those ive posted it online which i cant delete, so im considering doing another one so they send the 2 (that i havent posted online) off to the board.

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Yes, they do use software to check for plagiarism - the only issue is, even if you delete something online... If your coursework gets flagged up, you will need to explain the situation.

Do not worry though, they will understand the context!

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You may upload academic papers, articles, blog posts to mention but a few.Therefore, teachers will know the information and the way the information was written from certain websites.This means they will know if the work you had written was originally yours.we are in the same boat ahha, what i did was copyrighted my work with "Myows" its free and effective as you get a certificate of proof to say the work is 100% original, then what i'm going to do is on monday go tell my French teacher the circumstances and he would probably understand and possibly let the exam board know and i wont get penalized.Because I wrote 12% of unoriginal Crucible content according to a plagiarism checker website I used. She gave our class a huge discussion about plagiarism, which began because as it happens two people had plagiarised (she could tell).In answer to your second question, examiners/moderators are usually past teachers in their specified subject who will have a good understanding of the controlled assessments they're marking.They can also be people who devote their lives (but I don't there are a lot of those around). However, it's definitely advised to research information but to PUT IT IN YOUR OWN WORDS!They most likely have a degree in the subject- basically, they're highly qualified and are professionals.When teachers research about the book for lesson materials, they, obviously, come across a lot of websites and recommended sites of the Internet from other teachers or the exam board.According to her, if the examiner finds any form of plagiarism in any one candidate's work, it means the entire cohort of Year 11's English GCSE will be dropped by 10%. I was mainly wondering how the moderator will know if you've used unoriginal work in English.Because some say that they are scanned, others say that only the suspicious looking content are checked.


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