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I don’t miss the time I spent walking around the room looking at homework, I always felt like that was wasted time even if I put a bell ringer or an assignment up for them to do while I checked it.The time I used to spend checking homework is now used for giving the homework quiz.However, as the year has progressed, students are encountering more difficult material.

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I have begun to hear more complaints about the homework quizzes.

My gradebook is not inflated with grades from homework checks as it has been in the past.

in our school system quizzes count the same as a daily grade (30%) while tests count 60%, and benchmarks count for 10%.

So the impact on their grade is not over-large, but it is enough to get their attention.

I spend the first few minutes of the next class addressing any questions students have concerning the latest homework problems, with the understanding that I won’t just rework every problem.

The quizzes are very basic, nothing tricky, and very much related to the homework.So, we are halfway through our second 9 weeks of school, and this is the first year where I started out not checking homework.In August, I carefully explained to students that there would be suggested homework problems and that even though I would not check their homework, there would be frequent quizzes to check their understanding.In fact, the requests mostly come from students who earn a good grade to start with but want an even higher grade.I’m not going to argue with that reasoning, so for those students the retake option has been beneficial.I have listed of few of their comments below: I feel these comments are valid.I realize some students will need a little more time to understand the material.I have begun to allow students to retake quizzes in addition to the option of completing a corresponding activity at IXL.I resisted doing this initially because I thought I would be overrun with students wanting to retake their quizzes, but that has not been the case.I post the solutions, complete with accompanying work, on Canvas for students to access.I do this so that they can refer to it if they get stuck while doing their homework.


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