Censorship Is Bad Essay

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Many countries provide strong protections against censorship by law, but none of these protections are absolute and frequently a claim of necessity to balance conflicting rights is made, in order to determine what could and could not be censored. In 399 BC, Greek philosopher, Socrates, while defying attempts by the Greek state to censor his philosophical teachings, was accused of collateral charges related to the corruption of Athenian youth and sentenced to death by drinking a poison, hemlock.

The details of Socrates's conviction are recorded by Plato as follows.

During this period in the book, people were not allowed to read or even own books.

Guy Montag wanted a change but no one wanted to listen to him, especially his wife.

According to one’s opinion, censorship is not beneficial in society. It is believed that no one wants a society like the one in Ray Bradbury’s novel or even the one in North Korea.

The society in the novel had many issues and it is not a stable society to live in all together.This freedom is given because of the first amendment in the US Constitution.The readers have seen that censorship within the novel caused chaos and war.The plaster cast of David at the Victoria and Albert Museum has a detachable plaster fig leaf which is displayed nearby.Legend claims that the fig leaf was created in response to Queen Victoria's shock upon first viewing the statue's nudity, and was hung on the figure prior to royal visits, using two strategically placed hooks.He feels that the censorship of books is causing people to become more inane and less intelligent, according to Beatty.Books like dictionaries, encyclopedias, and novels are banned and thus creating a society that is not as bright."Out of the nursery into the college and back to the nursery; there's your intellectual pattern for the past five centuries of more." This is a quote stated by Captain Beatty to Guy Montag in Bradbury’s novel.This is the general view of censorship in the mind of Beatty.If a person were banned from his or her own rights and knowledge, censorship would clearly not play a beneficial role in society.Guy Montag, in the novel, stated, "I just want someone to hear what I have to say.


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