Causes Of The War Of Independence Essay

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King George III and his decisions were one of the major causes that had the English colonists fumed with anger towards Britain and this eventually led to the American Revolution.

King George’s Taxes The most fundamental reason for the American Revolution was the colonist’s outrage over taxation which led to a tax revolt launched by people who were tired of the burden of paying unfair taxes.

people of the world witnessed a momentous agitation-the Revolt of the American Colonies against England.

It was a result of this Revolution that Personal Government of George-III came to an end and very far reaching changes were introduced in British colonial and imperialist policies.

The battles on land began with three major campaigns running along the Canadian border which included the river of the Niagara, the Lake Champlain area and the western part of the border with each not ending quite as well as the Americas had hoped.

The British’s most promising ally was Tecumseh, who was a Shawnee sachem.In the context of such sharp differences the war could not be averted by conser­vative and narrow-minded persons like George III and Lord North.If George III had appointed Pitt the elder or Bruke as Prime Minister, then perhaps the crisis would have been averted.These were thus clear religious differen­ces or divergences between the people.Besides, the English society was extravagant whereas the American society was simple; new fangled and full of modern ideas.So the good American people deduced that maybe if they defeated Britain in their self-declared war, they would have the possibility to gain Spain’s ownership of Florida and complete their collection of land, adding on to that of the Louisiana Purchase.On June 1st, 1812, the declaration for war had been received and only the American side took preparations for battle.But as it was, it was not possible, and the catastrophe did take place. Nature of Rule: Most of the British Governors who had been posted in America were military personnel.They ruled these territories with an iron hand took many repressive measures without caring for the sentiments of the people.Some of them even did not speak English and perhaps none of them thought in those terms in which Englishmen of those days thought and behaved.They had their own interests in so far as trade or agriculture was concerned.


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